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Questions & Answers

Lucky Sebastian

Q – I don't speak Czech at all. Is it a problem?
A – We are pleased to communicate with you in English or Spanish as well.

Q – I need a pick up from the bus/train station, can you help?
A – Certainly, we can pick you up from either of them, free of charge.

Q – How far from the city centre are you?
A – Only about 7 minutes walk.

Q – What is the check-in / check-out time?
A – Check-in time is 1.00 pm – 5 00 pm and checkout is 10.30 am. Other times can be arranged.

Q – We will deffinitely be arriving later than 5 00 pm, is that a problem?
A – Not at all, but let us know what time we should expect you.

Q – Is breakfast or parking included in the price?
A – Yes, the price includes breakfast, parking, VAT and all the fees.

Q – Can you help us with what to see in Český Krumlov?
A – We are more than happy to give you tips on what to see in Český Krumlov and its surroundings

Q – Can you help us with transport to / from ...?
A – Certainly! We also run a tour, shuttle and transport service. Nifty!

Q – When I book accommodation with you can I get any discount for your shuttle service, day trips etc.?
A – Yes, when booking any of our services you automaticaly receive a 10 % discount on the next one.

Q – How far is the bus / train station?
A – The bus station is about 2 km away / the train station 3,5 km away.

Pension Sebastian Cesky Krumlov
   odp. vedoucí Jan Stehlík, adresa provozovny 5. května 258, 381 01 Český Krumlov, IČ:67171273, DIČ: CZ7807101269
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